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Tree Pruning

Keep your landscaping and yard looking healthy by trimming trees. Well-maintained trees can give your entire property a well-kept appearance. Getting rid of dead limbs is not the only reason for tree trimming. Trees actually grow faster when it’s applied. In order to prevent the tree from becoming weighed down by damaged or diseased branches, they should be removed. Your property’s value is enhanced by tree care and maintenance.  

Tree Removal

The Tree Man New Jersey has over 30 years of expertise in tree removal. A tree removal job can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. In order to ensure the safety of your property, our crew will remove your tree according to the ISA standards, using state-of-the-art equipment. To make sure that you understand how the removal process will work, we will have an arborist walk you through it step by step.

What We Do

Cables and Bracing

Bracing and cabling a tree is a proactive way of supporting a weak or unhealthy tree.  Using it effectively reduces wind damage, ice or snow damage, and heavy foliage damage to your tree.  In order to strengthen weak branches or limbs, Tree Man installs flexible steel strand cables and braces.


As a result of the rich organic matter in the soil, trees and shrubs thrive in their natural, wooded environment without fertilizer.  When we remove fallen leaves, organic matter, and other nutrients that would naturally have helped trees thrive in our backyards, we are forcing them to compete with our lawns and other plants.  To replenish those nutrients throughout the year, a slow-release tree fertilizer is essential. 

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Excellent service and price for work only an arborist could do. Took care of my very overgrown ornamentals (hydrangea, mape, dogwood, apple trees) and also identified and treated a fungal disease that was plaguing the apple (photo below). Also tackled 2 huge first for us, so they can do it all. Very satisfied with the service and price.

Anna Cunningham

The team is absolutely amazing! He is very helpful, very patient, and explains everything before he begins any work. There are no words to describe how highly I recommend them! The service is of the highest quality and the professionals are absolutely amazing!

Joshua J


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